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Peter Pecker - Bachelorette Party Doll and Game

When planning a bachelorette party, it is a good idea to plan as many small activities as possible. For example, people might like to play a little ring toss at the party. They would really want to play ring toss if it meant throwing the rings at a man's 12 inch long member and this is what Peter Pecker provides. Peter Pecker is both a party game and an inflatable doll. We think your friends will like it.

The company that makes the Peter Pecker seems to be taking a fairly conservative stance in describing their product. They mention that the arms and legs are posable (which you can see in the picture) and that you can play ring-toss with his manhood.

Of course they never mention that his head shape is a little strange but if you have been reading this website you know that this type of thing is par for the course.





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