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The Perfect Date Bachelor Party Doll

This doll promises to be every man's dream woman. She is only 3 feet tall, has an open mouth and a cup-holder built into her head. What could be more perfect than the perfect date doll?

We inflated the perfect date doll to see how well she worked. At first we were really excited because the perfect date doll is just about the right height to sit next to my desk. I could have this thing hold my water bottle all day every day. Unfortunately, the doll was a little too flexible to hold up the full bottle. We tried blowing her up really well using a foot pump, but she still wasn't stiff enough in the neck to hold up the water bottle. We finally had to almost empty a keg cup to take the photo.

I should probably say that people really seemed to like this doll. We haven't tested it yet at a bachelor party, but people that have come by my office have really taken a liking to this thing.




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