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John No Holes - Bachelorette Party Doll

Sometimes people want to buy a bachelorette party doll that has the same name as the groom-to-be. If you need a doll named John we have another one. Sure, this doll is named John, but he has a really strange shaped head with giant ears. I guess you might like the John No Holes doll because he doesn't have the big open mouth that some dolls do, but honestly, do you want a doll with such a strange shaped head?

One other thing I don't like about the John No Holes doll is that it is really small. He can't be more than 5 feet tall and he is standing on his tip-toes.

Once again I will suggest that you find a substitute bachelorette party doll. I think this one is a big dud. Nevertheless, I will provide a link if you want to buy one. Perhaps your friend is marrying a 5 foot tall, big eared guy named John.





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