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The Mr. Stud Doll - Bachelorette Party Doll

Do you want your bachelorette party doll to stand at attention? Do you want a bachelorette party doll that wears some snappy bikini briefs? If so, Mr. Stud is for you. You might have actually fell in love with Mr. Stud if it wasn't for his strangely miss-shapen head. He has got one weird shaped noggin. His head is like a big balloon with a face printed on it. His hair is weird and he has no chin. The photo below, from shows him with a condom hat on his head.

The Mr. Stud doll has some unique features that most of the other dolls do not.
  • First, he is posable. You can move his arms and legs up and down. They don't bend at the knee and elbow or anything, but they do move at the shoulder or the hips. This allows Mr. Stud to wave, signal a touchdown or to sit on a couch.
  • Second, Mr. Stud can stand on his own. Thanks to his big feet, this doll can be balanced on his feet. He isn't very sturdy and sometimes he falls over, but at least he stands up some of the time.

Mr. Stud is one of our favorite dolls. We think it is a good idea to pick one up.





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