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Hey Sailor do you need a date? What's that, you are just planning a bachelor party for a friend and that is why you need a blow up doll? Sure, OK. I guess you COULD have a friend that wants a blow up doll. I mean, people don't really use these things for having sex with them do they?

Even if people do use a blow up doll for that, I would hope that when they purchase it, they tell the clerk that it is for a bachelor party. I suppose that most people buy these things online nowadays anyway so that they don't have to speak to a clerk at all.

Either way, if you are planning a bachelor party, you will want to have some form of fake female. It will be fun. Your guy friends will spend countless hours trying to drink Jaegermeiser shots out of the doll's cooch. I have spent countless minutes blowing up each of these dolls, taking photos and building a website so that you can find out which dolls are well done and which should be avoided. I hope you like it. Here is a run-down of the best and worst bachelor party dolls. We will try to be honest about each one. Some are good, some are terrible. None of them are great, but they aren't very expensive either.

  • Inflatable Women
    • Lucy - The least expensive doll we have found is worth the price, but has no holes.
    • Sweet Experience Shari - Shari has the three inputs of pleasure that you might be looking for, but other than that she is a little surprising looking. Click here to see what she really looks like.
    • The Fat Lady Blow Up Doll - If your friend is a bit of a chubby-chaser or if they hate fat people with a passion this doll will be funny. It is about twice as big around as a regular inflatable doll. It even has a plump looking woman's face and giant boobs. Click the link to see a nice photo.
    • The Blow Up Nurse - If you or your friend is looking for a naughty nurse this is the ticket. Perhaps your friend is a doctor, if so, this will be perfect.
    • The Policewoman Doll - Lady Cop Doll - If your friend is a cop, or a felon this doll will work very well for him. If he is a cop, he can pretend to have a relationship with it. If your friend is a felon perhaps he will stab it with a dull knife. I hope he is a cop.
    • The Perfect Date Doll - The perfect date doll is about 3 feet high, has big heavy feet as a base and a cupholder in the top of her head. She is someone's idea of the perfect date and just about everyone's idea of a great gag gift. Click the link to read more about the perfect date doll.






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