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The Inflatable Sheep Doll - Å Bachelor Party Favorite

Dudes having sex with sheep is somehow endlessly funny to guys. Just like farting will never get old and is always fun for guys, suggesting that another man wants to have sex with a sheep is always, always funny. As a woman, I don't understand why it is, just that it is.

There is something about this sheep doll that all of the dudes like. If you bring it to a baaaachelor party it will be a big hit. My husband has bought at least 8 of these things over the years and he says it seems like every dude is happy to get one. Even if that guy has been to the other 7 bachelor parties and seen all of the other inflatable sheep dolls he still is happy to get his. Perhaps he really wants to take his turn filling the sheeps rear orifice. I hope not.





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