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Inflatable Penises for Bachelorette Parties

Some people visit this site and plan a bachelorette party around an inflatable guy doll. Other bachelorette party planners are much less subtle. They are looking for an inflatable penis. I respect these women. Afterall, a penis will never talk back and is usually well behaved. Also, I am fascinated by penises, especially 6 foot tall inflatable penises.

Below you will find links to reviews of every inflatable penis I could find. I did every review personally and you can trust what I have to say. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Captain Pecker - the six foot tall inflatable penis. Captain pecker is the biggest and best inflatable penis. He is usually about 25 bucks and is very fun to have around. He has a special panel on the bottom that you can fill with water so that you can use it as a punching bag. It is the best inflatable penis by a good margin.
  • The 4 foot long inflatable pecker. This one is shorter than the captain pecker but it has a smiling face on it. It isn't as large, but it makes up for some of that in its cutesy appearance.
  • The Party Peter - 3 foot inflatable pecker that stands up on its own. Smaller than the captain pecker, but a little more detailed looking in its appearance, this one is OK.
  • The Midget Pecker - This 3 foot inflatable penis just doesn't look right and it a fairly crappy product overall.







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