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The Captain Pecker - 6 foot inflatable penis

If you are looking for something great to bring to a bachelorette party, this item is the best. I mean it too. This is the single best inflatable bachelorette party item ever created. Unless someone goes out and makes a 9 foot tall inflatable penis, the 6 foot tall inflatable penis will stand as the greatest thing ever. What's that? You don't believe me? You mean that you are visiting a website that summarizes every single bachelorette party doll on the market in an almost obsessive fashion. Upon visiting this strange website you read that the writer of the website suggests a product as the best of the best. You don't believe her? I guess you are entitled to your own opinion. I can respect that.

This is one of the rare products that actually has a picture of itself on the cover of the item. Riding on this giant penis is a woman of the type that you would expect to ride a 6 foot penis in a photo. I think they let her choose her own bathing suit as well because it can best be described as "skanky". Nice shoes too. Are those from Payless?





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