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Butch The Beginner Doll - Bachelorette Party Doll

Of all of the dolls I have seen this is the most homo-centric. The package has some text about Butch being a beginner that only you (apparently you in this case are a gay man) can teach how to do it. Butch has two holes and one penis. He is kind of gross, but your friends might like a man with a big penis. I guess he will be OK.

Once again I get to have fun pointing out the difference between the blow up dolls box and the actual product inside it. It seems that somewhere between the photo shoot and the packaging this doll dyed his hair from blonde to black. Also, someone must have scared the crap out of him because he seems to be yelling at the top of his lungs.

The Butch doll also includes some homo-erotic taglines such as "He may be your first....but he'll be the one you never forget." Also on the back of the box it says "He's strong... He's sexy... and he's got a big, stiff cock!". Well I guess that says it all right there.





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