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Big John Holmes Doll - Bachelorette Party Doll

Of all of the dolls I have seen this is the craziest and the raunchiest. The big john doll is supposed to be a replica of porn star John Holmes who was famous for having a really large schlong. This particular doll has a vibrating penis. I am sure all of your friends will think it is either really gross or really funny.

Once again I get to have fun pointing out the difference between the blow up dolls box and the actual product inside it. It seems that somewhere between the photo shoot and the packaging this doll changed his hair from curly blond to black, shaved his porn-star mustache, changed his eye color and his penis even shrank a little bit. He also sprouted chest hair. Also, someone must have scared the crap out of him because he seems to be yelling at the top of his lungs.

Perhaps I am getting a little to familiar with these products, but this box is really funny to me. Here are some quotes from around the box:

  • Be my fantasy lover. I can take it in my sucking mouth and deep, tight butt... but I can give it too with my Extra Large Cock.
  • John Holmes fantasy doll. Signature Series with multi-speed vibrating penis.
  • Explore John's sucking mouth, deep tight butt and feel the power of his extra large cock!





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