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Game ideas for bachelorette parties that involve inflatable dolls

Your bachelorette party planning is going great. Now lets talk about bachelorette party games you can play with a blow up doll. This list of bachelorette party games is designed with your inflatable male doll in mind. You will have a great time at the party while playing these games.

  • Handcuff the bride game. This one is a classic. Take a bachelorette party doll (any will do) and you handcuff him to the bride with a pair of cheap plastic handcuffs. Don't let her escape for a while. It is fun to see her bring her new friend everywhere she goes. It will be a good primer for her. I remember when I first got married that sometimes when my husband would follow me around, I was reminded of playing this game. He seemed to follow me around aimlessly sometimes, saying nothing. It was weird in real life, but lots of fun at the party.
  • Dress the stud game - Here is a fun idea. You start with a bachelorette party doll and you try to beg and borrow clothes for him until he is fully dressed. It is most fun to try to find underwear for him. This game is best played at the bar where you have to approach men and borrow their clothes. If you are partying at a woman's house you can always cross-dress the doll and try your best to make him look as pretty as possible. Mr. Stud works well for this game because he is the most life-sized of the dolls at about 5' 8" tall.
  • Ring Toss with Peter Pecker - The Peter Pecker doll comes with rings that you can use for a ring toss game. Other dolls that have a penis work well as well. See Butch or Big John.
  • Best Lips Contest - Get your lipstick ready. In this game everyone puts on a coat of their most outrageous lipstick and plants a big kiss on the doll. The bachelorette can judge who planted the best lips on the doll. She can decide how many points she awards for kisses on the raunchier spots. Using a magic marker to note who's lips are who's is fun and will allow people to spot their lip marks later in the evening.
  • The Sexual Positions Game - Each contestant uses the doll to illustrate a sexual position. The person who demonstrates the most outrageous position wins a prize. Try not to pop the doll.
  • Guess The Weiner Length - Start with a blow up doll with a penis. Let everyone guess what the length of the penis is. Let them look at it, but no measuring is allowed. Give awards for three people. One award is for the guest who guesses the closest. One prize is for the size queen that thinks it is much smaller than it is (ie the girl who thinks a doll with a 7 inch weiner is only 4 inches). The other prize goes to the optimist who thinks it is much longer than it is (ie the girl who proclaims the same doll to be 14 inches long).
  • Name That Dick - Everyone tries to guess the name of the penis. The write their name on a piece of paper along with their name idea for the penis (Richard, Harry, Schlomo, etc.). The bachelorette chooses the slips of paper from a hat and reads the penis name first. Guests are encourage to guess which attendee named the penis in that particular way. Next, the bachelorette reads the name of the guesser. It is fun and a little embarrassing.
  • Condom Race - See who can unwrap a condom and put it on the inflatable doll as quickly as possible. You can also play this game with no hands using only your mouth. Using flavored condoms makes this more fun.
  • The Proctologist Game - Here is one that we made up here. It is my new favorite. For this game, you will need a doll with a butt hole (John or Butch), a small prize, and a big bag of hersey's kisses. Before the game, start loading up the doll's butthole: First, put the prize in the bottom. Using one of those phony engagement rings is cute. Then follow up filling his hole with Hershey's kisses. Used unwrapped ones at first to fill the bottom, they will eventually get goey and chocolatey and gross. Finish up with wrapped kisses so that you can get people to actually play this game. Start the game by placing the doll ass-up on the table. Go around in a circle, each girl has to dig in and remove a hershey's kiss. The winner is the person who gets the last kiss out. She gets the prize.


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